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Terms and conditions
1. Conditions

By accessing this website, we assume you accept these terms and conditions in full. Do not continue using this website, if you don’t accept the terms and conditions established in this page. 

By accessing this website, you are accepting to be governed by these Terms and conditions of use of the website. You agree and are aware not to advertise using the names of the brands mentioned. If any violation is detected, The urbn may terminate the purchase of merchandise in the future.

2. Disclaimer

We want our customers to be completely satisfied with their orders, but as a condition to offer the best values in the market, we can’t offer returns nor exchanges. We don’t offer refunds, credits nor devolutions from the big warehouses or distributors.

However, you must understand there is a risk when purchasing clearance, returned and surplus stock merchandise, but our experienced and qualified team of sales has the priority to provide customers with the most precise information of all available products.

3. Clause Terms and Conditions of the Website

The personal data that the users register on the website will be confidential, since the urbn can’t reveal it to third parties or use the information for other purposes than the authorized by the users themselves (participation in activities and sending information about the company’s products). The personal data will remain in operating environments with the highest possible level of security

4. Claims

If a customer thinks that a mistake has been made by us, they can contact us and present a claim. The claims must be made within 10 labor days since the situation occurred.


5. Making an order

When making orders, the customers must define first the offer/batch category and the desired quantity and also specify the shipment address.  The shipment quotes and total charges for the batch will be sent to the customers.

6. Shipments

The shipping costs vary depending on the amount of boxes / pallets shipped, their weight and the distance from the origin point to the destination. The shipping costs are not included in the wholesale merchandise’s price, since they are calculated for each individual case. 

Besides, any shipment’s special request, such as insurance or “next day”, can be fulfilled gladly. All the shipment costs are covered by the customer. We can also arrange local pick-ups.

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