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Shipping information

How much does it cost and how long does the shipping take?

This can vary according to the weight and size of the ordered merchandise, as well as the destiny of the shipment, it depends on the distance. 

To be more precise, we need to know the specific offer from our website, the amount you wish to order and the exact shipment address in order to have an answer for this question. 

If you know this information, contact us, so we can give you a precise shipping quote for your order.

Do you do worldwide shipping?

Yes. We work hand in hand with many certified and trust-worthy freight transport companies with vast experience in worldwide exportation and who are able to ship the wholesale merchandise we offer our buyers all around the globe. 

Besides, these shipping companies help with the importation process and any other documentation that is required.

Do you offer Free Shipping?

Unfortunately, we can’t offer free shipping. Since the shipment quotes are different for each order, these depend on the weight and size of the merchandise being shipped, and also on the distance of the destination it’s being shipped to.

Can customers organize their shipments and pick up their orders?

The customers can organize their orders’ shipment if they wish to do so. In case of having a prefered freight transport company, or if they can pick up their orders themselves, it can also be done.


Do you offer dropshipping services?

We do offer dropshipping services. If your buyers also shop by wholesale batches, we can send their order directly to them. However, unfortunately, as URBN-BULK is a wholesale company and works with large amounts of wholesale merchandise, it is not possible to send individual items to different customers.

How do you pack your merchandise?

The packaging method to ship an order can vary depending on the type of merchandise and the amount of items being shipped. Smaller orders are usually shipped on shipping boxes, whilst larger wholesale orders are organized and shipped on pallets.

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