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Are the products original?

Yes, effectively all of the products offered by URBN-BULK are authentic/originals. The clearance merchandise we offer is obtained in large amounts straight from certified sources, such as department stores and authorized distributors. By no means, will you get duplicates or fake products.

Is the wholesale merchandise in good shape?

URBN-BULK works with wholesale merchandise, therefore, we use different terms to define in which condition these items are. Up next, we share the terms that are used daily in the clearance industry and their definition.  

Balances and clearance: new products that have been displayed for sale in the showroom of a warehouse, be it physical or online, but were never purchased by a customer. Mostly, these items keep their original tags. 

Surplus Stock: New merchandise that has never been displayed for sale at a warehouse. Usually, it comes in its original packing.

Irregulars: new products that are discarded or liquidated as a result of improper fabrication or minimal flaws.

Returns/Devolutions: items that were purchased in a store but then were returned. Some of these items that have been returned can have imperfections and the items in this condition don’t usually have their price tag. 

Pre-Used: merchandise that looks used or previously worn out. Usually, these items don’t have a price tag or shop tag.

Do wholesale products come with a price tag?

In most cases, yes, but it depends on the specific offer. Different department stores and distributors count with various requirements when they offer us their surplus stock merchandise, balance or devolutions.

In most surplus stock offers, all of the items will have original price tags. Between 90% and 95% of balance batches come with original price tags, but not all, due to our agreement with the main department warehouses, they demand we remove the price tags that show the department stores’ names, and in the process, we try to preserve however many price tags we can, but some of them get discarded.

Is the original packaging of the product preserved?

This varies according to the wholesale merchandise offer and the condition they are in to be up for sale.

Most of the items included in surplus stock offers will come in their original packaging. Different items available in a balance condition can be acquired in their original packaging, but the majority can’t, and most items included in a devolution condition won’t come in their original packaging.

Mostly, the offers displayed on our website are made up, mainly, of department stores balance merchandise. The balance are new items that, for various reasons, the stores chose to liquidate. Taking into account that these are items that were displayed for some time at the department stores, most of them won’t be in their original brand packaging, since it was most likely removed when the department stores introduced them to their counters.


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