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How is the merchandise packed for its shipment?

The shipping method used to ship an order depends on the kind of merchandise and quantity of products being sent. The minimum orders are usually sent on shipping boxes, however, larger orders must be organized and shipped on pallets.

urbn-bulk offers wholesale merchandise in the following quantity options: 

Batches: Merchandise that is packed and sent in cardboard boxes of different dimensions.

 Platforms or Pallets: It is a wooden base that is used to carry a large amount of batches. The merchandise batches can be piled up on the pallet and then wrapped up in plastic, or packed inside a large cardboard box the size of a pallet, known as gaylord.

Cargo truck: It consists of a large amount of merchandise pallets, usually 20 or more, that need a cargo truck to be sent. Depending on the merchandise or the department store, certain items can be sold specially by the truck.

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