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Orders and payments
How do I make an order?

To make an order with URBN-BULK you can contact us and let us know which batches or offers from our variety of products you are interested in, as well as the amounts you wish to order. You may also share your complete shipping address so we can provide you an accurate shipping quote for your order.

Is it necessary to have a business license or to sign up to make my order?

We understand that most of our customers are only starting up their businesses, which is why we intend the ordering process to be as simple as possible. Hence, URBN-BULK does not demand our customers to sign up or have a business license in order for them to have more ease during the process of purchasing wholesale merchandise.

Which payment methods do you accept?

The wholesale industry, and the clearance industry in general, work mainly with bank transfers as their main payment method. This is due to the fact that we work with large amounts and to facilitate the purchasing process, this is also our favoured payment method, since we process shipment orders once the payment has been confirmed. 

We also take credit cards as a payment method for orders made within the United States, if the order’s total price is lower than $1,000.00. You must take into account that processing fee of 4.25% will be applied to all orders paid with credit cards.

Do you accept PayPal payments?

Unfortunately, we don’t accept PayPal as a payment method, due to the fact that PayPal releases the funds once the orders have been sent. When working with wholesale clearance merchandise, the distributors and department stores demand us to make the payment in advance before shipping the wholesale merchandise. This is why we must work in the same way, and we would need to get the full payment in advance before shipping an order, since many times, it’s possible we must need to acquire more merchandise from the distributor/department store to complete an order.

It’s also important we mention that PayPal charges a percentage of the payments’ amounts to process the payments, since we work with large amounts of items and big sums of money, their rates can be rather high.


What is urbn-bulk's return policy?

At URBN-BULK we don’t accept returns or exchanges.  Since the wholesale merchandise we offer deals mainly with clearance and surplus stock from distributors and department stores. The balances are simply new articles that department stores choose to remove from their shelves for different reasons, since they need more space in their shops and warehouses for new items. 

The reason why these articles are offered at such low prices is because department stores don’t want this merchandise returned to them. This is why the department stores and distributors we work with don’t consider refunds, credits, nor returns when we acquire our merchandise and, consequently,  as a condition to offer the best prices in the market, we can’t offer returns nor exchanges.

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