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Exclusive American Brands

Brands’ batches distributors in the United States.

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Variety of items

We have offers, balances and promotions in batches of clothing, technology and home.

Worldwide Shipping

Certified and trusted shipping companies by land, sea and air.

URBN-BULK  distributes clearance merchandise on a large scale. We offer batches of products in surplus stock and balances.

Our batches

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Wholesale Products

Learn about our quality products, clothing and accessories. The best offers in exclusive designer brands’ batches, URBN-BULK counts with the supply of original wholesale products.

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Information about wholesale products, details about the purchase, payment methods and shipping. Learn how the shopping process works and start acquiring the merchandise we have to offer you.

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Ideas and suggestions about the way you can work and resell the exclusive batches we offer you. Learn more about the functioning of merchandising and wholesale clearance in order to obtain a more successful result.

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Products for every business

The products we offer are ideal for resale at discount businesses, flea markets, online stores, and eBay. Make the choice to resell quality merchandise,  taking our special minimum order offers.

Offers with manifest

Invest wisely knowing exactly which merchandise will arrive in your order. URBN-BULK makes it easier for you to choose the batches of products in surplus stock and balance you prefer. Or you can also choose the specific items you wish to acquire for your business.

Shipment preferences

Choose the shipping option that better adapts to your needs. You can take advantage of our discount rates for worldwide shipping, or pick up the order yourself if you wish to, tell us which option you prefer.


What makes us different?

Quality Products

At URBN-BULK we work exclusively with certified sources, we make sure they have a good reputation in order to provide the best experience to our customers, and make sure they receive authentic and quality merchandise.

Quality Merchandise

We work with certified and trusted sources and we make sure they have a good reputation and the merchandise in the batches is of excellent quality to be distributed wholesale.

Premium Service

Our focus is on satisfying our customers. We will be alert to any special requests, providing detailed information about our available offers.

Confortable Prices

Low prices go hand in hand with our clearance batches, so that the customer gets a wide profit when reselling the merchandise we provide, no matter the quantity they acquire.

Minium Quantitie

At URBN-BULK we provide the possibility to buy smaller amounts of wholesale merchandise, in order for our customers to have the opportunity to acquire wholesale products  without having to make a large scale investment.

Controls on your Order

To improve the experience of control on the products you wish to purchase, URBN-BULK counts with over thirty available categories of assorted batches of merchandise provided by department stores.

Available Manifests

We give our customers the easy option to choose the ítems included in their order, or also, choose the batch they prefer, verifying which are available at the department stores. This will generate greater control of the buyer in the product they’ll get, URBN-BULK is focused towards customers’ satisfaction.

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