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How does it work
Which products does urbn-bulk offer?

We offer a great variety of wholesale merchandise, including clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and more. Mostly, the products which are part of  URBN-BULK are surplus stock and balance that have been bought from distributors and department stores. The great majority of these offers in merchandise are constantly available on our website

Are the products original?

Yes, effectively all of the products offered by URBN-BULK are authentic/originals. The clearance merchandise we offer is obtained in large amounts straight from certified sources, such as department stores and authorized distributors. By no means, will you get duplicates or fake products.

How do I choose the products?

There are two main types of offers: the distributors’ surplus stock offers and the department stores’ balance batches, and they have different prices.

The distributors’ surplus stock offers are specialized in a specific brand offer and they allow customers to choose the exact items and quantities they wish to acquire. Since there is the possibility to choose specific items, each item has an individual price.

The department stores’ balance batches are made up by an assorted variety of brands and styles, and they are organized by categories. Each batch category contains a group of brands and styles, but with this type of offers the customer won’t be able to choose the exact items that are included each batch, since they already come assorted from the department stores. Due to this, the price of these batches is a fixed price per unity, which only varies according to the category and the amount of items the customer wishes to purchase. 

The offers’ prices are displayed on our website, however, feel free to send an email to our Sales Office at for more details. 

You can send an email on our Contact page.

How do I know which products come in my order if I purchase a balance batch?

For minimum orders,  the packing lists from previous large batches we obtained from the department stores, are the best example of which brands and styles can be found within each batch category.  But, if a customer orders a wholesale quantity, it’s possible we can provide an exact manifest/packing list of the items included in the assorted batch the customer is ordering.  

The minimum amount of merchandise we can obtain from the department stores for most of the batch categories it’s a pallet which contains around 500 assorted items. When we acquire these batches, the department stores provide us a manifest/packing list of the items included in the batch. 

If a customer orders 500 items in a specific offer/batch, (once the payment and the order has been confirmed) we will acquire a new batch from the department store to complete the order and we might be able to provide the customer the available batches’ manifest/packing lists so they can choose the list they wish to order.  This way, we guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, since they’ll know exactly which items will be included in their order, by picking the batch they desire. 

On the other hand, to provide our customers smaller batches, the large batches are separated into different sizes, styles, and brands according to what is provided by the department stores. Even so, sadly, we still can’t possibly obtain an exact packing list of all the products included in smaller orders once we’ve splitted down the larger batches. 

If you wish to know more about any given batches category from which you’d like to see examples of a manifest/packing list you can contact us and let us know which batch category you’re interested in so we can send it to you.

How do I make an order?

To make an order with URBN-BULK you can contact us and let us know which batches or offers from our variety of products you are interested in, as well as the amounts you wish to order. You may also share your complete shipping address so we can provide you an accurate shipping quote for your order.

Is it possible to purchase small quantities?

Yes. We have a variety of offers of which we can supply small quantities to our customers. Not all of our offers require large scale purchases, but since we’re wholesalers, we have a minimum quantity requirement for the offers.

The minimum quantity requirements for the offers can be found in each offer’s description and can be verified by sending us an email at

How long does an order take to be processed?

The processing time for an order can vary depending on the merchandise and the quantities that are being purchased. If it is a minimum quantity and we have it in stock, it usually takes from 2 to 4 labor days to process and ship an order, after the customer’s order and the payment has been confirmed.

In the eventual scenario that a customer orders a large quantity or if we get a great amount of orders from a specific batch category/offer it’s likely we must have to obtain more merchandise from said batch category from the department store or distributor to complete your order. The process can then take from 4 to 7 additional labor days. In total for most of the offers, the most it should take is around 7 to 10 labor days to process and ship your order.   

If this happens, we’ll notify and inform the customer constantly about their order’s status throughout the entire process. You should also consider that orders’ processing times  do not include the shipping times, these depend on various factors

Is it possible to visit the warehouse?

At URBN-BULK we work mainly through on-line purchases, and because of sanitary conditions due to the pandemic it’s not recommended to serve the customers in person. So you can contact us through our website or send us an email at


Do you have discounts for larger orders?

URBN-BULK provides discounts in most of the offers, when customers order more than the minimum available quantity. In our products pages, most of the offers are already listed with their discount prices.

If you’re thinking about ordering larger amounts, we will be available to see which additional discounts can be included. But first, we will need you to define which offers and batch categories you wish to order and what quantities of each, so we can provide you with exact and accurate information. 

Keep in mind that due to the fact that we’re sellers of large amounts of wholesale merchandise, and we understand that our customers will still have to sell these items, we already include low prices in all of our batches.

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