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Packaging terms


A batch references an exact quantity of items, it consists of a group of assorted merchandise, generally sorted by type, brand or style. The batches are shipped in shipping cardboard boxes.

Master Box

A batch that has new merchandise, preserving their original packaging, usually acquired straight from the brand. Besides,  the Master Boxes can also be linked as surplus stock.


Large amounts of pallets of merchandise being transported in a sea container or a truck. Around 9-10 pallets can be fitted inside a 20 foot container. Whilst a 40 foot container or Truck can store up to 20-21 pallets.

Industry and Merchandise Terms

Balances / Clearances

New merchandise that was displayed for sale in a store, but was never actually sold.


Merchandise that was sold to a customer by the store at some point, but was returned for different reasons.


Merchandise that can have minimal cosmetic flaws, but have been tested and restored to their original default condition.

Original Price

It’s the value of the merchandise based on the original price of the items when they were up for sale in the stores

Shipment Terms


It’s a sea shipment of less than one container filled with pallets.


A shipment term used to describe a shipment of less than a Truck filled with pallets.



A document required by shipping companies with information that includes the origin and destination of the shipment, as well as a description of the shipped merchandise.


It’s a mobile platform located in the back of a truck which is used for lowering pallets of merchandise to the floor/street. A lift is necessary when a loading bridge or a lift truck is not available at the time of the delivery.

Sales and Payments Terms

Reseller Permit

It’s a permission issued by the State that allows a company to buy merchandise without having to pay sales taxes at the time of the purchase.

Credit Card Charges

These are the rates the credit cards companies charge the sellers for receiving payments via credit cards.

Bank Transfer

Electronic payment method used by banks, which is used to transfer funds from one bank account to another bank account.

Take All Offer

Wholesale merchandise offer of all the available merchandise. These offers are available at the lowest prices, but usually, they can’t be separated into smaller batches.


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